Aussie Gold International Cheer & Dance Championships

2017 Divisions

The Aussie Gold International Cheer & Dance Championships offers divisions for All Star and Scholastic Teams. Scholastic Teams are permitted to compete in All Star divisions if preferred.

Age Eligibility Requirements

All Star Teams

The age of a competitor will be determined based on the date of birth falling during the "year of the competition." Example: A competitor who turns 14 up until December 31, 2017 will be eligible to compete in Open (14 years & over) Division.

The ages for teams competing in the IASF Worlds Bids divisions at Aussie Gold is one year lower as they will be competing at Worlds the following year, which puts them in the correct age group.

Aussie Gold Cheer & Dance recognises the concern with fielding teams of a broad age range and highly recommends that individual gyms/programs be vigilant in monitoring participants of various ages on the same team and that, whenever possible, a team’s composition is made up of participants of similar ages.

Scholastic Teams

The age for School participants is based on the current school year level of the student.

Cheer Divisions

Click here for CHEER divisons offered.
Click here for DANCE divisons offered.

Adding, Deleting or Combining Divisions

In an effort to maintain a competitive atmosphere, the Aussie Gold International Cheer & Dance Championships reserves the right to add, delete or combine divisions based on registrations. 

Splitting a Division

Once a division reaches 10 teams, it will be split into small and large teams as long as there are at least three teams in both splits.  The designation of "Small" and "Large" divisions are as follows:
Cheer Dance
Small = 5 - 20 members Small = 4 - 14 members
Large = 21 - 32 members (36 members for Level 5) Large = 15+ members      

International Open 5 and International Open 6 will not be split into Small and Large divisions.

Group and Partner Stunt will not be split into "All Girl" and "Coed" divisons.

Split Exceptions

Divisions will not be combined if a club has both a “Small” and a “Large” team competing in the same category, so as to avoid having a club compete against itself. (e.g. Small Junior Level 2 and Large Junior Level 2).  A mandatory split in the division would occur in this situation, even it means that a division is left with only one team performing.  This exception is to be applied only to teams from the same physical gym location.  Programs with more than one physical gym location still will be required to compete against their own teams if these teams are from different physical gym locations and are registered in the same division.


Each team can only compete once per category.

An athlete is limited to competing on 2 group stunt routines and 1 partner stunt routine.  Multiple group/partner stunt entry fees apply.

An athlete is limited to crossing over to 2 (two) additional teams from their gym.   Therefore, an athlete may compete on one team and crossover to two more teams from the same gym during the competition.  Additional routine fees apply.

An individual will not be permitted to crossover from cheer one program to another cheer program within the same event (Exception: An athlete from one gym without a Level 6 team may crossover to one additional gym’s Level 6 team provided (s)he meets the age requirement. 

Athletes are permitted to compete for one cheer program and a different dance program.  Two entry fees apply.

Athletes are permitted to compete on both a school team and a club team.  Two entry fees apply.

Aussie Gold staff will do our best to ensure teams with crossovers do not have overlapping performances.

Unplanned Athlete Substitutions

In the event of a missing/absent member of a team, a gym may replace that athlete with another performer from that gym.  A replacement is defined as an individual who was not on the team’s registration, taking the place of another athlete at an event.  This usually occurs as a result of illness/injury.

If the replacement athlete does not meet the age requirements for that particular division (this includes a coach), then the team is permitted to perform in “exhibition” only.  Performing competitively for a team with a replacement member who does not meet division age requirements is not permitted.  All appropriate general safety rules and level rules must be followed for the team regardless of the age of performers on the team.

An unplanned replacement of an athlete(s) is limited to 3 performers maximum.  Any number that exceeds 3 will result in the team being able to perform in “exhibition” only.